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Since our founding in 1991 Airtech Products led the way in customer support to assist in optimizing equipment operations and to train technicians in tuning and needed adjustments for proper operations. 

Whether your Actuator is no longer making a full stroke or your Louvers are not completely closing, we have a knowledge base for all your louver and actuator problems. 

We can assist you either from our office or at your facility.  We can resolve most issues simply by email or telephone.  Photographs are a great tool to help our expert’s breakdown the issues you are experiencing. 

You can review our published travel rates here Whether a technician or engineer is required, Airtech has your onsite solution. 

Use our troubleshooting tool

Diagnosing louver / actuator manipulation problems can be overwhelming and more often than not, a very frustrating effort.

Just knowing where to start is sometimes the greatest challenge. To simplify the process Airtech has developed the below troubleshooting tool to help you determine the source of the problem and assist in finding a solution.

No matter how big or complex the system, solving the problem reduces to one of three possible sources – it’s either the temperature control system, the actuator or the louver.

Use the tool below for a road map to isolating the problem and guidance on how to resolve.

Why Choose Airtech Products Inc.

  • Swift Lead Times
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Customized Designs
  • Domestic and Export Crating

When you work with Airtech Products Inc. you receive your products quickly with consistent lead times.  We deliver on time for every order. We also offer competitive pricing and work with your designer to meet your budget guidelines and to customize solutions to your exact specifications.  No matter where you are in the world, our products can be delivered to you with both domestic and export crating. Contact us today to find out how quickly your solution can be created.

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