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Heavy-duty industrial Louvers of Aluminum construction built to Airtech Products exacting standards with dependable bolted design for easy Field Service or Repairs

Options include: Internal or External Actuation; API661 Compliance; Extreme Duty; Horizontal, Vertical and Recirculation Designs; Stainless Steel MOC; Integral Hail Guards; Integral and Perimeter Bug Screens; Snow and Ice Design; Service Dividers and Split Sections




Designed and built by Airtech Products, Durastroke pneumatic actuators are the industry standard for automated louver operation. 

The Durastroke series of actuators deliver durability, strength, and reliable performance in the most cost-effective option available.

If your project needs require electric actuators, Airtech Products is the leading authority on the integration of electric actuators for louver operation.

From very standard to very special applications, Airtech has the actuator solution.


Bug Screens

Bug Screen Perimeter Enclosure

Our design team creates custom bug screen solutions for any structure you may have.

We offer full protection for fan ring enclosures, full perimeter enclosure systems, and multiple bug screen options for louvers.  All bug screen systems are designed with easily removable panels for cleaning.

Bug Screen Perimeter Enclosure

Drive Sentry Anti Windmilling Device

Finally, the right answer for elimination of damaging and costly fan “reverse direction” windmilling. Airtech’s Drive Sentry is low-cost, is fast, and easy to install and comes in a quality-machined finish.

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When you work with Airtech Products Inc. you receive your products quickly with consistent lead times.  We deliver on time for every order. We also offer competitive pricing and work with your designer to meet your budget guidelines and to customize solutions to your exact specifications.  No matter where you are in the world, our products can be delivered to you with both domestic and export crating. Contact us today to find out how quickly your solution can be created.

About Airtech Products Inc.

Recognized as the leading USA manufacturer of louvers/shutters to the Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger Industry, Airtech Products also offers pneumatic and electric actuators, bug screens, surge tanks and a host of other equipment dedicated to all levels of the heat exchanger industry from OEM to End User.

Established in 1990, Airtech Products, Inc. has built an industry-wide reputation for Quality and Reliability. 

airtech series 500 industrial actuator schematic

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