Drive Sentry Anti Windmilling Device 


Finally, the right answer for elimination of damaging and costly fan “reverse direction” windmilling.

For too long the solutions have been too expensive, lacked durability or required extensive design changes to your guard or drive equipment.

Introducing “Drive Sentry”

  • Over 280 Ft-Lbs resistance

  • Fast and easy installation

  • Low Profile

  • Attaches directly to fan shaft

  • Maintenance free

  • 6061-T6 Aluminum housing

  • Stainless Steel hardware

  • Quality machined finish

  • Field tested, proven design

  • Fast delivery

  • Low cost

  • Includes all parts required for installation

  • Weighs only 3.5 pounds

  • For forced or induced draft designs

Technically Superior

  • Developed and modeled using state of the art computer software.

  • Lab tested and verified on Chatillion Series 500 force tester.

  • Withstood 286.7 Ft-Lbs torque before overcoming clutch.

  • Run out less than .00001”.

  • Rolling friction test per ASTM G194-08 was “negligible”.

User Friendly
  • Available for all common fan shaft diameters

  • Available in RH or LH rotation

  • Installs in minutes

  • No special tools required for installation. Installs using two hex wrenches

  • All parts required for installation are included with shipment
    No maintenance required

  • Requires only 1.5” of fan shaft projection

  • Low profile - will fit under most guards without need for modification

  • Bushing mounted units available to fit E, F or J QD style bushings



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